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the colours in your head


I'm fed up

I just can't deal with men anymore, or at least a particular variety of them. I can't take wrongly selfrighteous people who feel that they need to lecture me about subjects they know nothing about, beyond seeing how far they can puff out their chests. I'm sick of ex boyfriends who vaguely stalk me through all possible forms of communication. And if one more unattractive little nerd asks me out, thinking that because I actually talk to them in an interested manner, it means I want to rub up against them while naked, I'm going to scream bloody murder and join a convent.

I can't bloody take this anymore. Do I have a sign at my feet saying "Give me your tired, your poor, your pretentious masses"? Honestly! I'm sick of social diatribes. I'm sick of having to convince myself that I'm attracted to a guy. I'm sick of feeling vaguely, unplaceably embarrased. I'm just going to turn around and be unabashedly superficial, and not stop until I've actually dated some guys who I'm actually physicially into. This is ridiculous.


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