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the colours in your head


Wherein your humble narrator shows herself for the ditz she truly is...

I departed Boston with 7 pairs of shoes, a ludicrous amount, I thought.

I am now returning there with 14 pairs.

Sadly enough, 3 of the original pairs went to The Happy Closet Floor in the Sky, due to excessive exposure to horrid Petersburg Streets. That means I have somehow managed to buy ten new pairs of shoes in 2 and a half short weeks.

This is truly ridiculous. I think I have a problem.

Not to mention all the items of apparel I managed to pick up along the way.

Packing is proving to be a bitch.

PS... if any likeminded female ever finds themself in Milan, Sperri makes the most perfect, classic ballet flats in the world. And the four floor Energie/Miss Sixty/Killah Babe store on Via Torino is great for funky clothing and has amazing shoes.


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