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the colours in your head


Over Breakfast

"You need to eat more brewer's yeast."
"It's good for you. Animals like it too. It makes their fur shiny. And-- this should be an extra draw-- it keeps fleas away."
"Because I'm just crawling with fleas and other mites? Good selling point, mom."


At 7:43 AM, September 08, 2005, Anonymous JP said...

Ah, but you see - fleas are not mites. Fleas are insects, relatives most closely of flies and butterflies, whereas mites are relatives of spiders. And you probably are crawling with mites. Commensal mites usually inhabit hair follicles, especially in the areas aroud the nose, the ear canals and eyelids. You are certainly inhabited by many other creatures as well - most of them bacteria, and some fungi. Your symbionts will at any time outnumber your own cells by an order of magnitude.

But not to worry. All this is nature at its best.

At 7:49 AM, September 08, 2005, Blogger Alex said...

Sometimes, I hate you a little bit, for instance when you leave comments like this.

Down, nerd-boy, down!

At 1:04 PM, September 08, 2005, Blogger E.B. Noodles said...

I've been bitten by a jigger. Thrice. Shame on who?

At 1:31 PM, September 08, 2005, Blogger Amichai said...

Can't even figure out how that snippet falls in a larger context. In fact, I don't even know how one should eat brewers yeast, and I should as my fur has been awfully dull recently.

At 1:16 PM, September 10, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

boo from berlin :P

At 1:44 AM, November 28, 2011, Anonymous Abram said...

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