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the colours in your head


Creativity School
Creativity School,
originally uploaded by Alex2552xelA.
Last photo from Russia, I believe, at least until I get sent more, or I continue sorting the 2000+ I was given by the boys. Regardless, this sign was stumbled upon one fine day in the middle of the night, while walking back from an entertaining evening watching men in tights flitting about at the Mariinsky. The thought of a complex dedicated to teaching creativity amused me greatly. What can the curriculum be? Group interpretive dance? Hoop-jumping while basket-weaving? Young children are issued mud and a clean set of clothing on day one. The results are sold to the Saatchi brothers for millions, while the artistes themselves are trotted around as the newest Hot Young Thing to come out of Eastern Europe. Wealthy drunk socialites blearily sign cheques, and feel grand for the rest of the year, sure they've helped some developing country through the worst, as of course their idea of Russia is far too scary and foreign to even contemplate, apart from the couple charming models they've met from there. Clever racket, this idea of mine, no? Might have to start one up for real.


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