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the colours in your head



originally uploaded by Alex2552xelA.
I'm in the process of uploading the Russia pictures, or rather culling through the literally thousands that were slapped on CDs for camera-less me, courtesy of Fuzzy, Silvano and Dave, so expect to see things in days upcoming. Some were even taken by me, like these kitties eating in the courtyard of the obshezhitie.


At 2:45 AM, September 04, 2005, Anonymous naridu said...

I followed the link and browsed through your flicker photographs, I don't know why but the Staircase picture really appealed to me, possibly because you could only be seen through the metalwork and steps all fragmententy. The Reading picture of you is very cute too, but the pic of the Church of the Spilled Blood really piqued my curiosty and I couldn't help but google to learn more. Fascinating place that, incredibly beautiful too.


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