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the colours in your head


I just stumbled upon The Guardian's Bad Sex Award. It's an award given to the worst sex scenes to be found in a book, and excerpts from the winning entry, as well as a long list of runners-up, are posted. Truly genius.

On that theme, my friend Jasmin and I once tried to write a sex scene for a story once, back in ninth grade, rendered interesting by the fact that I had never kissed a boy at that point, and Jasmin, though she was whoring it around by my school's standards, had actually only ever gone to third base. *GASP!* Bear in mind that there were 32 people in my highschool back in Italy. Anyway, Jasmin found a contest online, looking for a sex scene or something, and as we were doing the whole angstier than thou thing, and it was a Sunday, so we couldn't be all cool and go mope around downtown, we decided to write it. Seems it was full of throbbings and such-- cribbed right out of Harlequin. Alas, another profession slipped through my grasp.


At 10:25 AM, September 07, 2005, Blogger W. S. Cross said...

Found you because of "The Conformist." It comes up in my novel, and is featured on interviews with the main characters. You seem to have a fascinating background. Hope my sex scenes in the book don't end up on The Guardian's list!


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