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the colours in your head


Show me show me show me how you do that trick

I hate how people have the power to steal songs from you, to fill them so with their essence that you can't even begin to hear the tiniest thread of the melody without having things pop into your head. In some cases, it turns out alright. Nick Chandler, my first boyfriend back in the tenth grade, is eternally linked to three songs: "Savory" by Jonah's Onelinedrawing, "Sweet Avenue" by Jets to Brazil, and "Everything is Crazy" by Reggie and the Full Effect. Also any screamy music, but those were the days where I had me some bright pink hair, so I was entitled, by Jove, to my punky boyfriend and his love of hardcore.

Regardless, nowadays The Cure, Zepplin, and Ray Charles have been taken over, and for some reason these days I can't take a step without hearing "Friday I'm in Love" blasting out of some shop window. It's rather horrible, how people have the same tastes as me. Can't shake them, and can't avoid the songs.

Ah... hurrah for babbling incoherency at 2 am. I'm off to bed now, I s'pose.


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