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the colours in your head


Last night I had the strangest dream I'd ever dreamed before...

I dreamt the world had all agreed to put an end to war.


My hidden liking for old folk music aside, I had the weirdest dream last night, the result, I believe, of reading an article about the tsunami and eating too much ice cream before going to bed. BAD combination, I tell you.

So... random segue into random mumblings. I'm in a Smiths-listening kind of mood these days, for no real reason, which is bizarre, because I tend to subscribe to the cliche of listening to the Smiths only when I'm in the most selfishly miserable of moods, when I'm rolling around in a puddle of my own melancholy and BY GOD LOVING IT. Morrissey always makes me so much happier. How can you be sad when you hear him moaning about how he's "got this terrible cold coming on"? (though admittedly that is a sad song.) If it gets worse, then I tend to wallow in the swill that is "Don't fear the Reaper". Ahhh lovely. My mother and I were once driving around in her car, in a really melodramatic mood, having seen a terribly depressing movie, of which I now forget the title, and this song came on the radio. We sat there looking at each other mournfully, listening to the distant strains of cowbells, and then burst out laughing at how hilarious the whole situation was.

But right now I'm not depressed. I'm actually fairly happy, for the most part. Sure, things are going in a stellar manner with the boy, and I'm still not back in school and my father's being a bit annoying about my summer plans (he wants confirmation that I'll get back into school, which is going to happen, but THEY CAN'T GIVE IT.) but for the most part, all is well. Justin came over for dinner last night, which was nice, though short. I made leftover pasta from the night before, when Nicole, her friend Anna from Germany and Chiles came over for dinner, and then fried some chicken, which turned out amazingly. Very very happy. I somehow managed to go through a pint of Haagen-dazs after dinner... I was talking to M. about how she hates eating, and all of a sudden I couldn't deal with the eating disorder stuff any more, so the ice cream was consumed, slowly but surely.

I had a good-ish weekend, as well. Friday night, I was supposed to hang out with the boy, but he got sick, so instead I went out with Nicole and Anna and got drunk, which was interesting, as I hadn't really had anything to drink in a while. It was a fairly uneventful evening, however-- we went partyhopping with Calum. I met a really nice Canadian with whom I talked languages, and then as I was dragged elsewhere by Calum-on-a-mission we encountered Liza and Chiles, who we accompanied to Ceci's party. They were abandoned partway through, however. A group of us went downstairs for a smoke, and then Nicole went off to talk to Jonathan. Anna and I looked at each other in horror and decided to go "wrest him from his gruesome grips". His grips weren't that gruesome, however, and we ended up chilling for a while, smoking Nat Sherman Mints (ahhh... high school flashback) and talking. We went indoors for a while, where I happily observed that Tawny, this girl I know very randomly and dislike for no reason, had gained weight. I think I tried to talk books with Jonathan. We left and went to find Calum again, who was over seeing Sarah somewhere. Anna and Nicole left, Nicole pleading tiredness, but Calum and I jointly managed to chat up some boy for him, who spoke terrible Italian. I was meant to spend the night at Cal's, but somehow the boy came back with us, and Cal proceeded to leap down his throat, so I left. And walked home angrily at 3 am, because John's friend had taken the spare bed.

In the morning, Cal called and let me know that he had kicked out the boy shortly afterwards, and felt really bad about sending me off. I was with the minirussian already, doing a shoot, so couldn't really get more details, alas. the shoot was good, though. It lasted about 4 hours (should've been longer but M. decided to be half an hour late to pick me up), firstly in a cafe in Davis Square, which was a lovely setting, then outdoors, then in this crazy indoor setting. The photos that are trickling back are all very beautiful. M. was in some of them, and then he had to leave for ballroom goings-on.


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