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the colours in your head


Tucumcari, NM

Apparently it takes 4 days to sober up from the drunk that the lovely New Orleans bartender (not waitress) Michelle put on me. Or perhaps, I've just had phenomenally bad luck with finding the internet.

We're in Tucumcari, New Mexico right now, en route to Las Vegas, NM and Santa Fe. Jon is napping since he had to get up early to take the car to get looked at by the mechanic, so I'm using the intervening time to look at knitting porn and catching up on all other things I've been missing since I last looked at the internets.

Our route thus far has been Princeton, New Jersey to Atlanta to New Orleans to Nottoway Plantation, Louisiana to here, with next big stop at Santa Fe. There have been assorted detours along the way, as we both have an absurd fascination with small town life, and so we've managed to rack up a good deal of time looking like insane foreigners, wandering around towns and exclaiming over silos and such. Our itinerary coming up is Santa Fe to Flagstaff to Grand Canyon National Park to Los Angeles. Jon will move into his brand new apartment and I'll take a plane back to school to start off the school year. Scary.

Unfortunately, I have to cut this short, as the immensely scary woman at the desk just called up menacingly to inform us that check-out is in 15 minutes. More coherent posting and road stories from Santa Fe, hopefully.


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