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Sprechen-sie Annoying?

I have a grand total of four suitemates here in St. Petersburg. Two are a pair of perfectly lovely Spanish girls, while the other two... I like to call the Germans. Not that I have anything against Germans, per se. I dated one for a year, and have various friends from there.

My problem, however, is with the male half of the couple.

While the girl is perfectly nice, though a little strange, (she's at the phase of English comprehension where she speaks it well enough that you think that you can use slang and sarcasm with her, and then it all just goes to hell. Also, her eyes don't focus correctly, which fact really irritates me.) the guy is simply... unbearable.

He has the most tedious and conventional of English male names. He was born and raised in Philadelphia. He just graduated from Temple, with a degree in film. He looks bland and relatively harmless. Why then all this wrath?

The problem seems to stem from a fact that he has somehow taken to speaking English with a German accent. He communicates exclusively with his girlfriend in German, which is fine, but... his native tongue? With a tacked-on accent? All his clothing are German brands. His shampoo is German. His books are all in German. He brushes his teeth with a toothpaste called "Eurodont" which has... you guessed it... GERMAN on the label!

I'm really not sure why this sends me into such a rage, except for the fact that he seems terrified of me, even after I have done NICE things for him and his girlfriend, such as lending them my guidebook to Moscow. And also, he speaks obnoxiously to her IN GERMAN in an extremely loud voice at 7 in the morning. Justifiable cause for murder, I think.

Like I said, I have nothing against Germans. I do, however, have something against stupid boys from Philadelphia speaking in a fake German accent just because they've spent an exchange year there, and managed to pick himself up a German girlfriend.

For Heaven's Sake!


At 8:28 PM, August 12, 2006, Blogger kenju said...

I would agree with you on that, I am sure. Who is he trying to impress?


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