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the colours in your head


Did I mention I hated rude Russian ladies?

I go downstairs to the internet cafe in my dorm, ready and willing to give over my money for contact with the outer world. I request twenty minutes and hand over a fifty ruble bill.

Deformed-face woman at desk (rudely): You can't.
Alex: But twenty minutes is twenty rubles.
D-FWaD (r): I have no change.
A: But I only have fity rubles.
D-FWaD (r) (gesturing at post-Soviet building complexes out the window): Well then, you must walk somewhere to get change.

The administrator's office is across the hall, and she could have easily dodged in there for change. Also, I'm living in the dorm for the next two weeks, and use the internet here fairly regularly, so writing me, say, an IOU would've worked, but instead, rudeness seemed the only acceptable course of action.

In the end, I did walk somewhere else to get change. I walked right to the internet cafe twenty minutes away to get change.


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