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Greek Salad for dinner

It always amuses me to wonder what my grocer must think of me. I have a bordering-on-pathological fear of food bacteria, and as a result do not buy ANYTHING except pasta in bulk (even cans scare me.) I have been known to thrown out perfectly good meat simply because it has been residing in my kitchen for over a day, and the idea of leftovers and doggie bags vaguely disgusts me. This leads to daily trips to the grocery store, which I personally enjoy, but it also makes the contents of my shopping rather pathetic.

Today at the grocer's:

-Three immense bottles of water (the water here contains STRANGE FAUNA and you will DIE DIE DIE of giardia if you drink it.) No, I can't buy the giant 5 litre bottles because I have to lug 2 litre bottles everywhere I go and look vaguely ludicrous-- but hydrated!
-1 Ritter Sport bar-- milk chocolate with chocolate cream filling. A daily necessity, to be consumed within a span of approximately 10 minutes. Horrible addiction, I know.

At the Veggie stand:

-3 plums
-1 tomato
-1 cucumber

The grocer (a rather affable fellow from Uzbekistan) looked at my purchases, laughed, and said "How come a pretty girl like you doesn't have a boyfriend?"

Marvellous what my vegetable buying habits lead people to deduce. Just marvellous.


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