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the colours in your head


Self-indulgence and photography.

I've taken a leaf out of Clay's book and gone rasterbation-mad. The Rasterbator and I have been buds for a while, but I had tragically forgotten about its existence until just today. I made some more, but this was the one that had enough contrast to fit on one sheet in an interesting manner. I tried to rasterise the full photo, but it somehow just wasn't as cool as just the eye shot:

I also wanted to make an incursion into the ASCII generator that he mentioned. Alas, it does not work for Macs, which makes me very sad, so I'm afraid you will have to be satisfied with my rasterbated images. Here to the side is my eye, from a great photo my dear friend and former high school roommate Anna took of me last year. Here below is the original.

I must say that I quite like the way the eye turned out. It does help that it is my favourite part of the picture. There's something about the picture that I rather enjoy as well, beyond the eye. It amuses me that it looks very little like I actually do, apart from the awful teeth that do need to be cropped out. I must confess that I am rather 1960s British with regards to my relationship with orthodontia. My general point of view is to just suck it up and look at gappy-toothed models in magazines, however weird their appearances might be.

Since today does appear to be picture day, or rather, I'm supposed to be doing work, but I'm too sleepy to start working, and simultaneously too lazy to haul my butt over to my bed and take a nap, here's another picture from the shoot. She was doing a project for her photo class which involved doing her own take on the style of a specific photographer. She chose Robert Mapplethorpe, who has been one of my favourite photographers for years. She came down to Boston, we did the shoot, and it turned out magnificently. Looking back over the pictures, it's amazing to think what a horrid background we had for the photos-- we used my tiny bedroom as a studio, stood my mattress on end and draped it with curtains as a backdrop, and fashioned an elaborate lighting system out of two lamps and a few strings of Christmas lights. She had forgotten her tripod at home, so we had to stack books on a table to get stability and the right light, but still the pictures were magnificent. It was a rather fun project.


At 7:47 PM, April 06, 2006, Blogger The Faerie Queene said...

I'm dying to see those pictures!!!! You finally have them!! And, what are you talking about, silly goose, you look ... I mean, you just look ... you are STUNNINGLY beautiful. Stupid girl. Teeth and all. Go look at a mirror. It doesn't lie!!


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