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the colours in your head


... Mandroids?

My beloved roommate and I are currently pondering the vagaries of mankind, particularly the male portion. For evidence, I present you an email I sent to Inna this morning, because I'm too lazy to re-write this.

I think our boyfriends must be in sweetness collusion or something. I mentioned to Jon that Clay was coming for the weekend, and that I have a paper to write for Monday, along with the first 3-4 books of War and Peace to read and a Russian composition, and a midterm on Tuesday, so I was probably going to hibernate in Lamont, in reply to which he said, "No, no! You're moving here for the weekend. You can shower here if you want, too-- I got the super to clean our drains and everything, so the bathroom is no longer growing new and exciting forms of bacteria [Note: I may have added that part about the bacteria myself]. Here. You can have a drawer."

And I stare open-mouthed as he moves his precious Middle Shirts into new drawer so they are forced to rub shoulder yokes with his Lesser Shirts. And then he went on:

"Oh, you can do work here all weekend, and if I feel the need to run amok, I'll just go over to Pete's room or something. But I'll clean up, and then you can spread your papers around to your heart's content. Just consider the space your own."

Your own? YOUR OWN? This is a guy who is so territorial that it took me three months to get up the courage to leave a BOOK there! And I was almost surprised when he didn't pee on it to mark it as his own.

And then, this morning, as we're getting dressed, and I head out into the hall to get my gold shoes that I'd left there for a while, he says out of nowhere, "You know, I should just add another layer onto my shoe rack, so you can leave some more shoes here and stuff."



A. (and most probable) We have the same size feet.... so... he MUST be a secret cross-dresser who wants a chance to be alone with my shoes.
B. Again, a boyfriend android? Who... thinks of me? In ways that are romantic BEYOND the Hallmark gestures?
C. Head injury, causing him to lose his Selfishness Center?

I don't know. But I'm not complaining.

To explain the background-- Inna's boyfriend has also unexpectedly started doing sweet things (Yes, Clay, you were always sweet.) and now is Coming To Boston Unexpectedly. This lead to some speculation along the lines of moon phases... androids... head injuries... and JON has jumped on the bandwagon too! What is going on? A nefarious plot, perhaps? I love nefarious plots!


At 1:48 AM, March 02, 2006, Blogger daniel said...

lmao@ "you can even shower too".

Enjoy your newfound romantic man. (You know, all men are romantic - but we have to ration that shit. Otherwise it would just become expected and the norm, thereby loosing all it's value to you, the female).

Although, a female friend did say it kinda well recently:
Girls give sex to get romance.
Boys give romance to get sex.

Not that you had mentioned sex. But it was probably about the only thing missing from the blogpost. :)


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