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the colours in your head


New England Skin

My face is chapped. Chapped chapped chapped. My right hand is chapped from smoking, though I moisturise frequently and have cut down massively on my smoking. I am sick and tired of flaking and peeling and feeling too tight in my own skin, and running to the bathroom to moisturise and exfoliating (and then having jon's stubble just make the process even more chappy and flaky and painful.) I asked my mother what to do, told her that I had been consuming a lot of olive oil, but there wasn't much to do about getting hold of fatty fish in this delightful dining hall of ours, and I got a lecture on eating almonds and fish oil capsules to replentish the varieties of fats that olive oil lacks. It'll apparently make my hair shinier and kick in in... oh, four weeks. I hold her the dry winter weather would ((hopefully) be over by then. She laughed mockingly and told me to buy some jojoba oil for my skin if conventional moisturisers aren't working.

Honestly, I hate New England weather. Bloody humidly unbearable in summer, then blisteringly cold in the wintertime. The wind rips through your clothing and takes any tiny inlet it can find to tunnel through your clothes and chill you to your bones. I'm loving what the lack of humidity is doing to my hair, but honestly? I'll just take the frizz. PUT SOME MOISTURE BACK IN THE AIR.

In Trinidad, my chapped cheeks went away in a day. ONE DAY. Why the hell would people settle in Boston?


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