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the colours in your head


Sunday morning ramble.

Jon's sound asleep in bed, or rather thrashingly asleep in bed-- he just spasmed and said "wuh!" really loudly. I did one of my now-typical pop awake exactly seven and a half hours after I fall asleep things, which meant 11 since I feel asleep at 3:30. It's actually kind of refreshing to be on a regular schedule of sorts, and not lose time sleeping. Much more efficient.

Nothing really has been going on on this end. Dinner with Inna and Clay last night, which was quite nice. A lot of work, a lot of sleep, a lot of time with my boy. My parents have decided to crack down a bit this term, though they are being rather delightful-- my father and I have taken the unprecedented step of exchanging near-daily emails, not relating to financial matters, but just everyday chatting emails. I feel that by the time I graduate, two years from now, I might actually have worked out some sort of system of working with them. We shall see.

I dreamed about Sex and the City last night. I don't particularly know why, as I don't watch that show very often, though I do like it when I get into one of my spurts of seeing it. Charlotte was in the grips of a generic "pills" addiction, but then quickly switched to chalk. Big was in jail for embezzlement. Samantha started a porn site, and Carrie finally went bankrupt from the strain of wearing a completely different designer outfit every day. I never liked Miranda, so she wasn't present-- I think my subconcious nicely killed her off.

And now, having said nothing much at all, I'm off to do some Russian. I made my to-do list for the weekend (including, of course, things I had already done so I could cross them off) and was instantly glad it's a long weekend. I need to work HARD this term, equally for my parents as for myself, and I'll be able to do it, but it's going to take some restructuring of my time. I think I'm managing that right now, but we shall see.


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