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the colours in your head



So, in certain circles it's been taken under advisory to not mention the existence of Valentine's Day, but... I just need to cackle gleefully. Skipping around my room, even, if I weren't seated on the futon, typing. In 3 minutes I'm being whisked away to (location as of yet undisclosed) until Wednesday night!!!

I'm being whisked away!

I tend to file V-Day under the category of "Holidays that depress me because they're so built up and then actually tend to sort of suck", though my past two haven't been bad-- last year I cooked dinner for Misha, and the year before went out to the North End with Thanos-- never mind that that one ended with me deciding to get trashed and get sick. But now I'm psyched. Whee!

More details to follow on Thurs, perhaps, as well as (hopefully) pictures of Trinidad and Tobago and a vague explanation of why I dropped off the face of the earth.



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