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the colours in your head


Let's go to the Hop.

Not to turn this blog into "Ohmigod look at me and my friends aren't we cuuuute?" but here are some of the pictures from the Tri-House Formal this weekend.

Here we have myself and Jon. It's a cute picture, I should say, though I look rather squished. You can't see it, but I'm wearing a beautiful black silk halterneck dress. Below-the knee, tight waist and flowing skirt. I rather enjoy it. In fact, I generally have to restrain myself from publicly petting my stomach.

Here is Jon, looking... brooding? Wistful? He complains that putting on white tie requires more time for men than it does for women. I just think the result is pretty darn cute. Shirt studs!

Here we have my roommate Inna and her boyfriend Clay. They are ridiculously cute in this picture. Ordinarily, I would make some silly comment about Inna having cleavage for the ages or cleavage that just won't quit, but I think she might hit me, and she is scary and Russian, despite being only 5'3.

Proof of scary Inna.

And last, but not least, the man responsible for all the pictures, Chris!

Chris was my hot date to see Brokeback Mountain last night, and held my hand through all the sad bits. Chris has an ambiguous relationship with my boyfriend (not to mention, he introduced me to him) but somehow still manages to be straight. Chris has pretty hair and lets us mess with it, and Chris constantly has a swarm of pretty girls cooing over him. Chris is AWESOME.


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