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the colours in your head



Back from the mini-break, healthy and hearty. We went to Cape Cod, stayed in a delightful cottage, frolicked on the beach, and went to an amazing restaurant for dinner last night. I had elk... yum! Bloody! This morning-- woke up, managed to peel ourselves out of The Most Comfortable Bed on Earth (TM), went over to the main house, had immense delicious hunks of french toast for breakfast (Jon had three servings. I scarfed all the bacon-- actually, fed him a piece, which turned out to be the first piece of bacon he'd ever had... that's what he gets for dating a goy... does that word even apply to females? Am I being insanely offensive? ...I'm not quite up to date on code here. I GREW UP IN A CATHOLIC COUNTRY.) and then (after a nap) set off to explore the rest of the Cape. We made it all the way to Provincetown, blasting Southern rock all the way for no good reason. Leapt among the sand dunes, and watched the reddest sunset EVER before going home. It was perfection.

The bar has no officially been raised for future boyfriends. Read this and beware!

And on that note, I'm going to go read a really tedious book on Russian poetry. Coming up: Symbolic language! Whoo!

But then I get to go curl up in bed with my boy.


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