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the colours in your head


The boys, the boys! (and me and Frida)

raschja05 433
raschja05 433,
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International gathering here, still in Rossi, if the chinless Spaniard is any indicator.

From Left:
Dave, from Australia. A good lad, though a little overly into Asian girls and pop punk. He randomly lived in Vladivostok for a year after high school, coming there with no Russian. You have to love him.
Edik, from Brazil. Possessed of enormous green eyes, a pot belly and the cutest Brazilian accent I have ever met. I'm a little enamoured of him, I must say. Just the accent and the eyes, though. Not the belly.
Frida, from Berlin. Our crazy German clubber. Still in high school. Such a sweet girl.
David, from Brazil. Edik's best friend since they were 6. Looks dumb as a rock, but actually obsessed with Dostoevsky... and all other things Russian, including girls. Speaks good Italian. Love him.
Your humble narrator. Trashed already and gunning for more.
And.... the chinless Spaniard. Spent the tail end of the evening talking to him, after I was too tired to dance. He decided that the fact that I am possessed of brains in my head and actually read means that I was desperate and that he could kiss me. I begged to differ. It made for an interesting end of the evening.


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