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Procrastination Central

I just was going through email backlog when I stumbled across the first email from Jon, asking me to coffee. I decided to be a giant dork and look at the time signature (also so I could place that in time and figure out how long we've been dating... three weeks.) Turns out he emailed me shortly after midnight on Sunday, October 9th (or rather since it was after midnight it went over into the Monday.) after meeting me the day before, and me and Chris leaving his place. Less than 22 hours! Flattering, in a psycho-female deductive logic way.

Finally wrote Calum. I am the worst correspondant in the world, because I set up impossibly high standards for the rambling contents of my emails... simply every thought that crossed my mind and every step I took must be chronicled in lovingly masturbatory detail, with the result that nothing ever gets sent off. Cal, if you read this-- be pleased. I still haven't written my cousin back, and he's offering me a free stay in Miami. Whee!

Ok, Russian and Stanislavsky call. We have an acting coach coming to speak in class tomrorrow. Should be interesting. I also have three articles to write by midnight. Should be... horrible. Thank god I have only one class on Tuesdays. And I get to go see Walk the Line! Whee! I love both Johnny Cash (would be blasting him right now were it not for the probability of Inna finally giving up her veneer of saintly loveliness and killing me for my taste in music... I think I was overdoing it on the Sigur Ros earlier. There're only certain times when ethereal Icelandic voices are palatable.) and Joaquim Phoenix, so should be quite an enjoyable experience. Sexy man singing sexy songs. Yes, I think Johnny Cash songs are sexy. I need to have my head checked. Or head back to Wyoming and rope me one a' them thar cowboys... They actually were hot-- chaps, ten gallon hats and all.


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