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the colours in your head


Why yesterday was hilarious, part two.

So last night, I'm lying in bed while Jon is out brushing his teeth, and I get a phone call. It's Chris. He requests to come up and show me something, but I make him wait until Jon is back from attenting to his oral and facial hygiene (turns out that he uses more facial products than I do, folks-- facewash, toner, skin smoother (that you have to wait and let dry!) and moisturiser to my facewash, occasional use of toner, and night cream. And my skin is still softer. Hah!) We chat for a little while, then Jon at long last makes his return and agrees.

I make myself decent for the visual consumption of males of the friend variety, and Jon starts setting the alarm clock. We bicker minorly after he announces that he's setting it for 8:45, so I don't have time to futz around, a word that he claims was used simply as a throwaway Yiddish word with no real negative connotations, whereas I maintain that the statement was vaguely insulting, insinuating that I do nothing but futz around in the morning while getting ready, disturbing His Skin Smoother-ness from his precious beauty sleep. Then again, I'm a half-black, half-WASP girl who grew up in Italy, so what do I really know about Yiddish? Except for my mother's bizarre desire to secretly turn into a Jewish grandmother.

I just looked up futz out of spite, and it's defined as "to waste time on frivolities." I was right! It was vaguely insulting! Hah!

Anyway, futzing around aside, Chris came up and put on the soundtrack to Avenue Q. Neither of us had heard it before, and it was hilarious. Particularly when Chris danced and lip-synched. A bedtime cabaret show. It was perfect.


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