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the colours in your head


Ah... Russians.

I'm listening to TV on the Radio right now. TV on the Radio make me happy. As do The Unicorns.

Yesterday, my diminutive Russian teacher was telling us about the various things that can be done with the base word "love". Halfway through his explanation he decided to clarify things further. "You know, these days," he said with just thick enough of an accent to render the whole thing ludicrous, "everyone is getting in love, everyone is getting out of love, everyone is getting high heels in love."
The class burst out laughing. He looked around quizzically, a vaguely hurt look on his face.
" Falling head over heels," we clarified.
"Ah... yes," he replied, smiling amusedly. "I'm sorry about my bad English. I meant to say, everyone is getting head over high heels in love."


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