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the colours in your head


Bol'shoi Brat

raschja05 270
raschja05 270,
originally uploaded by pennyroyale.
On the poster it says "Big Brother is watching you." Big Brother Russia may have been our favourite TV show there, along with Dom 2. Reality TV in Russian often featured mud-wrestling.


At 12:54 PM, February 19, 2007, Blogger PennyRoyale- Chinakkenfetz in meiner Butze said...

heeey. thats meeee. unbelievable and soo funny. how is it going? fuuunny.. that i just have found that while looking through google pictures.. how are you doing?!?!?! wellll. better write me an email. I AM IN CHINA RITE NOW.. isN't that something!??! :)

take care, love, frieda

email if you don't have it anmore: friederikemarin@hotmail.com


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