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Room Decor

Last night I was reading in the common room and Inna was taking a nap in the bedroom when there came a pounding at the door. I opened it up to find myself face to face with David, the super. "I've got the wardrobe you asked for," he announced, before striding into the room followed slowly by two sweating men hauling the BIGGEST CHUNK OF WOOD MEANT TO CONTAIN CLOTHING EVER MANUFACTURED. "Just hope you haven't changed your mind about it. We had to order it specially." With that, the two men leave the pig in the centre of the room and pant their way out the door.

I rouse Inna, laughing hysterically, and she comes blearily to the door. What follows is a mad rush of furniture rearrangement, realising the slot we had picked for the wardrobe was exactly an inch too small, and moving every single piece of furniture we own, minus the beds. The common room now looks nice, after rearrangement number 5. The bedroom, however, looks like a cramped little hallway. And my chest of drawers is in the common room, which makes morning dressing an interesting affair.

We also still have no mattress on the futon. This will come together some day... ever so slowly. Ack.


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