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the colours in your head


Dressing to impress

I just now noticed that I am wearing my tank top not only inside-out, but backwards as well. I'm a genius at this early morning thing.

I also have on a fluffy white sweater that is shedding all over my shirt, my coat and my life. Curses.

Fortunately, though, I have already individuated my next Great Love, sitting a row in front of me in the computer lab. Hair sticking out at insane angles, nasty white New Balance shoes, jeans which are both hideous and completely unflattering, and a bizarre take on argyle with random other diamonds stuck in to add a little flair to the sweater. I must bear his children.

One seat over we have a walking advert for Nike, clad in hot pink and black, and then there is a nice young lady of the oh my god you hoslut put on some CLOTHING, damn you! persuasion. I must confess, I do admire her somewhat. It takes a certain amount of courage to look that trashy. Inch-long fake talons nicely airbrushed and bejewelled, an orange tan, and brittle blond hair are not for the weak. Particularly not if you're asian.


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