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the colours in your head


Like, whoa.

Everyone's a frickin' jewellery designer these days. I was at Sabine's last night for her party, and I happened to comment on Leticia's earrings, pretty ovaloid dangly hoops with an ethnic-y, not-quite-polished feel. She'd made them herself. Sabine's earrings were also noteworthy, as she was the birthday girl and also French and thus everything about her appearance has to be carefully catalogued and complimented. Plus she looked pretty. Anyway, upon mention of her earrings, the pile of foundation and bleach perched anorexically across the room piped up. "Oh, I made it for her," she assured us, staring down her pinched nose. "I have a website. I sell jewellery."

Thats right, folks, we were in the presence of Coco Chanel reincarnated, with a dash of Maggie Thatcher thrown in for kicks . This girl-- not only she is a student, but she sells jewellery. On a website. And here I am, having forgotten to burn offerings at her altar. You know, not everyone can... string beads.

(That's the part that annoyed me. The earrings were a ludicrously simple, not very exciting, design. Power to her to thinking outside the box and all, but... ack.)

Also overheard at the party:

-"She totally alpha-femaled me."
-"She alpha-femaled you?"
-"She alpha-femaled me. She totally did."

But all in all, it was a lovely event, and Sabine did look gorgeous and 'twas lovely to see her, Nicole and Tisha. However, when stuck at a party where I know four and a half (the half being compromised of three girls who I know slightly, with whom I discussed shoes) people, simply because the person in whose honour the event is being thrown is one of my best friends, I reserve the right to mock some of the other participants, if they rendered themselves mockworthy. I shall stop by tonight and present her with an Italian book and then there will be much rejoicing.


At 12:17 PM, May 11, 2005, Blogger E.B. Noodles said...

>> -"She totally alpha-femaled me."
>> -"She alpha-femaled you?"
>> -"She alpha-femaled me. She totally did."

OMG! You totally made that up, didn't you? You totally did.

At 2:24 PM, May 11, 2005, Blogger Alex said...

I totally didn't. They totally were saying that. They totally were.


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