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Bleeding thumbs...

It's getting to be that time of year again, when I embark on completely over-the-top projects I want to make for people. This year, Jura, Anya and Ana are graduating, and I'm leaving Meg and Joori, so that's five things. I also need to make Alex S. a long-overdue present in exchange for the coaster she decorated for me. Craftster has some bloody amazing things but I am sadly lacking in funds, time and motivation.

Jura is getting a stuffed water bear, which he will huffily inform you is ACTUALLY a tardigrade, but since I'm not a pompous biologist, I'm going to go for the colloquial term. And gee, is this a pain in the butt. I had forgotten how tedious sewing is, because you are wielding SHARP POINTY THINGS that can MAKE YOU BLEED (if you're a.) hemophiliac and b.) a gigantic wuss) and thus not at all like knitting, where stabbing someone would actually require effort. Ahh.... knitting needles. All those beautiful possibilities. Stabbing needles... Hee.

I am pissed that I was not able to go to my once-yearly pilgrimage to church last night with Liza. It was Orthodox Easter, which is supposed to be glorious, but I was dead tired and had had a crappy day and have 9343982403284 things to do for Russian today, so I had to pass. Next year.

My internet connection keeps skipping out on me, and my cat very much wants to sit in my lap, so I am out. Tonight-- Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy! I'm very scared... I love those books so much that I'm terrified I'm going to be scarred. Review to come.


At 3:10 AM, May 11, 2005, Blogger Andy said...

Where's the HHGTG review??? Living in Japan, I shall most likley have to watch it via the magic of the Internet. Is it worth the bandwidth? Does it live up the books (or even its own trailer) ?


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