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Revised 20 Questions for the Procrastination Generation

OK, so... it's 12:54 am... VERY early Thursday.

When is my next paper due? 5 pm Friday.
How long is it supposed to be? ~12 pages.
Have I started researching it? Not really.
Do I have a CLEAR idea of what I'm going for? Nope, beyond themes of women and horses in Isaac Babel's Red Cavalry stories (marvellous, by the way!)
Have I at least read the subject matter? Yes, thank heavens, but I'll need to re-read it.
Am I pissed at myself for my horrible time-management? Yup.
Am I freaking out? Uh-huh.
Did I just cry on the phone to my boyfriend about this fact, in the library stairwell, for NO GOOD REASON other than the fact that I am really stressed, and I decided to be needy? That would indeed be the case.
Have there been weird hijinks going on in the library all night, such as people wandering around in their undies and a beautiful man wearing angel wings and a beatific smile distributing candy from a CVS bag? Either I am going bezerk, which is equally possible, or this is the case.
Am I probably slightly screwed? Hopefully not. But...

Those were only 10 questions, but I can't deal with inanities any more.

But, on the upside, I HAVE accomplished SOME things today, and even though I shouldn't be writing this right now, I just turned in my summaries for my study break, so I deserve a five minute break. I'm afraid I'm going to get wrist pains again soon, though. Ack.

Billie Holiday is single-handedly saving my life right now, for no good reason. I only listen to her on rare occasions, but those have been condensed into a couple sessions of her on repeat, and somehow, when she's singing about love and stuff, nothing can REALLY go wrong with the world.


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