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Back to Normalcy

It's Saturday afternoon, and the second and last production of Inherit the Wind is officially over. We got a standing ovation, just as we did last night, which was a nice touch, particularly as the entire cast was hung over from the cast party last night at the director's house. The party was fun-- particular highlights involved an insane faux-hawked Spaniard explaining in great detail just how it was he planned to burn down Tufts, and an in-depth investigation on the part of the females in the cast (all five of us... it's one of THOSE plays to discover just what precise sexuality ratios there were among the male cast members. After some indelicate questioning, the results were in-- a very surprising majority of straight men. Insanity! The production today went well, it seems, though there were a few minor glitches-- Calum rather spectacularly forgot a cue, and I had to fight hard to keep myself from falling asleep during the courtroom scenes. All in all, though, it was a lovely experience, and I look forward to the reunion whenever it is to get the t-shirts (which I designed ALL BY MYSELF) distributed. Now, however, my hand is bizarrely spasming, and I need to buck up and face the harsh reality of looming deadlines (GAH!), so it's off to the land of library books I go. I shall post pictures of the play (particularly of my spectacularly psychedelic costume) whenever I receive them.

Ow, a piercing whistle just went off. I don't think it was an alarm, though. Weird.


At 12:46 PM, May 08, 2006, Blogger Joe said...

Hey Alex,

What a charming blog! Yes, the show was alot of fun and I was thoroughly impressed with you and everyone else in the cast. Also, the angry Spaniard was cute.

Anyhow, good post. I need closure on the whistle thing, though. I think we all do.



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