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the colours in your head


Just to demonstrate how small and quasi-incestuous the Russian studies world is here:

I go to the library to look up books on Isaac Babel. SOMEONE has checked ALL of them out until September. My paper is due Friday. I contemplate crying hysterically. Alternately, murder might work.

I go online and whinge about this fact to Inna. Inna replies, "Hey! I think my cousin might have them. Here, let me email him."

Lo and behold, Inna's cousin is, indeed, the evil person who has checked the books out until September. (He is actually very smart and very nice, so my plan of murder will have to fall flat.) An email address is given! I can request the books from him! Whee!


In other news, I was walking down the stairs after bathroom trip #37493827493827439287 (all that Diet Coke... it's bad news) and came upon some poor guy sobbing hysterically and saying something about not being able to bring himself to write some paper as his (female) friend held his head in her lap and stroked his hair. We've all been there, and for some reason this Reading period seems to be taking a particularly tough toll on people (perhaps the lack of sunlight? Maybe? Huh?) but I feel bad that he had to break down so publicly. Poor thing.


In other other news, I got the cutest compliment ever from my father the other day. He called me up from whatever exotic locale he's supervising corporate finance in, and told me that he always gets choked up when he finds himself watching the tail end of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe on flights, because the girl who plays Lucy (who was literally the most adorable little girl to ever flash a freckled-cheeked smile across movie screens, I'm sure everyone will agree) reminded him so much of me when I was seven, except (he loyally added) that I was so much cuter and more adorable. Bless!


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