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the colours in your head


Oh. My. God.

I just walked in to the bathroom off the dining hall and stepped into one of the stalls, intending to pee. It smelled kind of funny, but hell, it always smells kind of funny in there. I heard a sniffling sound, and turned slightly to note a female leg in a short grey skirt and green stilettos sticking underneath the partition. She had her coat still on and she was sitting in a puddle of her own puke, which was seeping under the partition into my stall, almost onto my shoes. I recognised the coat-- it's the stupid girl who thinks she's hot shit and is always trashed. I decided to have nothing to do with this and stepped out.

I suppose I should've helped her or something, but I'm sorry, but I can't deal with stupid drunk puking girls on a Monday night when I'm having to delay a date to do homework. Clean up your act or learn how to hold your liquor. Or at least hit the fucking bowl. Puking your brains out in a dorm bathroom doesn't really add to the whole "beautifully debauched" thing. Ugh.


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