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Turkish Coffee!

Today, I learned how to make Turkish coffee, going through it step by step while Inna directed me. She's out of town for the weekend, and I was seized with panic at the thought of no thick mocha-y coffee goodness. I probably should have been all nice and let her pack. But no. Turkish coffee is more important than peace.

Directions for Hot-plate Ghetto Dorm Room Turkish Coffee:

1- Grind (in your electric coffee grinder) lots of beans until they're REALLY fine. In our case, it's about 30 seconds after the grinder starts smelling like burnt plastic. One of these days it's going to explode in our faces.

2- Put three heaping spoonfuls of coffee and three flat spoonfuls of sugar (hopefully coming from a cute little sugar dish like we have) into your coffee pot.

3- Preheat your illegal hot plate. Our setting is somewhere between "Warm" and "Low"

4- Put water in your illegal electric kettle. Don't use the already boiled water in there, that RUINS THE WHOLE POINT. Dump the boiled water into a Nalgene and then drag your butt over to the sink and fill it up again. Just a little bit will do it.

5- Get the water to just below a boil, where it makes teeny bubbles.

6- Put the water into the coffee pot. Put the coffee pot on the hotplate. Watch the top of the pot intently, with a sense of impending doom.

7- The coffee will begin to rise. Ever. So. Slooooowly. And then it will attack! And surge towards the top of the pot! Catch it just before it overflows, and you will have foamy goodness.

8- Procure two or three of your stolen dining hall mugs. Pour. Enjoy with cookies.

Mmmmm.... caffeine.


At 1:32 PM, October 14, 2005, Anonymous JP said...

Though I surmise that some of the complexity of the procedure outlined is due to technological constraints (otherwise, why not simply boil the water in the coffee pot?), I will offer a slightly different perspective, which could still be tried out.

First, try using more coffee and less sugar. Sugar can always be added after the fact. This will make your more bitter friends happily bitter.

Second, don't pour the boiling water on top of the coffee. Rather, when you have pure water boiling in the coffee pot, pour off one coffee cup's worth. Then mix in the coffee into the pot with a spoon, put the pot back on the hot plate, and wait for the foam to rise. Once it has risen, and the hot plate is off, pour the spare cup of hot water back into the pot, very slowly, to only gently make the foam settle.

Some of these variations are probably neutral; others may aid diffusion of those lovely aromas. Ach... Good coffee... I do need to get a grinder one of these days. And then there will be no more drinking of free post-seminar piss for me.

At 2:21 PM, October 14, 2005, Blogger Alex said...

We've done it many ways. This produces the best results on our setup. The water is not boiling, merely hot, and then we bring it to a boil, which means it works significantly faster. Like I said, our method.

At 2:54 AM, October 15, 2005, Anonymous naridu said...

mmmm, mocha delight + cookies. The making sounds almost as fun as the consuming.


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