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the colours in your head


Booty shot

booty shot
booty shot,
originally uploaded by Alex2552xelA.
Picture taken when I went out bowling with Cindy, Julia, Ned, McG and his friends a couple weeks ago. I proved my utter failure at all things of the candlepin variety, but compensated by wearing these stylin' red shoes. The picture is actually supposed to be of them, not my rear, cute though it may be. Much fun was had, in an odd way. These were all people I had gone to high school with but had not had very much contact with after the fact, so it was interesting being reunited, though a little awkward when the question of why Ned and I don't hang out, being as we both go to Harvard, arose. Pah. Went to Anna's afterwards for semi-decent burritos. Mmm.


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