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the colours in your head


I need to somehow fit in an account of the past week, as it has been so utterly full of experiences, but alas I may not be able to do that, as the scary lady at the desk is intimating that my time may soon be up. A quick rundown of the events, to be filled in when I get a chance:

Tuesday-- Farukh at the ballet.
Wednesday--Creepy encounter with a fifty something year old at an internet cafe, meeting the most beautiful girl in Petersburg, and going to the militsia station with Volodya.
Thursday-- Tea and lounging with my crazy Greek friend.
Friday-- Swan Lake at the Mariinsky, "Prom Night"
Saturday-- The Junists: an accordion-playing falsetto-singing band from Belgium.
Sunday-- Documentary festival at the Pushkinskaya art centre. Literature discussions with Russians.

Accounts are coming. I must run, however, because the woman said something threatening


At 9:21 AM, June 27, 2005, Anonymous naridu said...

The most beautiful girl in Petersburg, prom night, falsetto-singing and a threatening woman.

Looking forward to these accounts.


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