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the colours in your head


Hot water is back, at long last!!!!

I showered today, occupying the shower space for about 45 minutes, not leaving the water on the whole time because even *I* can be a concientious person when I think about it, but it was so amazingly beautifully warm and lovely and womblike and... ahhh. I had been strongly considering the kettle option, but then I looked at our 2-liter electric and i looked at our little pot, and I realised that i would probably end up sitting in two inches of lukewarm sludge, or throwing out my back in an attempt to position myself in our two-foot square bathroom so as to pour water on my hair and render it not-disgusting. Waist-length hair is such an enormous pain in the butt at times. The bath idea also kind of vaguely creeps me out-- if you saw the tub, you would understand.

But there was no need to worry, because the water is back! BACK! Hurrah! I am clean clean clean, complete with washed hair and shaved legs. I am fit for human society! Wahee!

Problem is, I also managed to become as pathetically sick as a dog in the intervening time, and while in America going to a drug store and obtaining Nyquil/Sudafed/other drugs for when I finally give in to my hidden hypochondriac, doing so here is not so easy. I have figured out that an Apteka is a pharmacy, and there is one around the corner. As for getting something that will make me better, I may have to go there and sniff my nose frantically at them, pointing wildly. I think bolit' is something along the lines of to be sick, though I think you can use it with reference to bones as well, so as far as I know, I might end up saying I broke my throat. An interesting proposition, that. Asprin and tea with honey it will have to be, then. Eternal cure-alls, I always fall back on them anyway. Mmm... honey.


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