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the colours in your head


The Magic of Numbers!

Q: Given that 2 is a generator in arithmetic modulo 53, how many square roots does it have?

A: None! Generators have no square roots!

If this is the kind of stuff there's going to be on my math exam tomorrow morning, then I'm royally screwed. Formulas, I can remember. Exciting little tidbits like generators not having square roots-- no chance in hell. This class is called The Magic of Numbers. It was supposed to be easy. It's final exam time, and I haven't really seen the easy yet at any point this term. Ach.

And yes, before you mathematically inclined people mock me-- I never CLAIMED to be any use in any sort mathematical arena. There's honestly no arena in which I plan to need to have any contact with numbers in the future. Budgeting? I'll hire an accountant. Who'll pay for that? My future rich husband, who will be taking care of all those icky number things all on his lonesome. With the help of underlings, of course.


Dreadlock Holiday

My mother (discussing my upcoming trip to Trinidad and Tobago): I want you to bring me back some good CDs... and a big spliff.


Overheard phone conversation

2:15 in the morning.
Friend of Jon's, on cell phone outside the dorm, talking to his girlfriend Amy. He's trashed. We saw him earlier that night, out at a bar. His girlfriend was doing something else.

-But there's a shuttle at 2:35
-Oh! You need space?
-Alright, that works. See you tomorrow.
-Love you too.