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the colours in your head


Today I woke up with the voice of a blues singer.

Fussy's newest post has been the source of significant trauma for me. She talks about telling her son that his fish haven't died, they've just been taken to the pet hospital to be taken care of. Much laughter, until... My cat Joey? and my cat Booboo (yes, I was 4 when I named him)? Who were given to loving families who really really wanted cats? I'm terrified that I have been living a lie for 13 years.

I'm sitting in the library again, trying hard to cram for two exams but actually reading the archives of various blogs, and it may just be me, but... it does sound like there are strange yodelling noises occasionally coming out of the elevator. I'm scared. Also, the man in front of me has a very oddly-shaped head, rather like a kidney bean. I'm trying not to stare at it, but he has a shaved head and his skin is reddish-pink, and it's nigh on impossible not to laugh.

Alright, it's time for the last 10-minute push before going to my study session. I'm very sad-- this photographer, Klavdij Sluban, who takes amazing pictures, and who I've had a mini-crush on ever since I got to see him speak yesterday (which was amazing... it was limited to ten people (I got invited because I'm friends with the girls who organised it) is having a gallery opening today down somewhere near the Med School and I really really want to go, because he is fascinating and his pictures are beautiful, but I don't think I can go, because I have two stupid exams to cram for. Surely seeing amazing pictures of people in prison is a worthier cause than studying the history of psychiatry!

I have just successfully finished eating the enormous bag of candy that Calum bought me in celebration of his finishing his exam (still haven't figured out the logic in that one either) and to wish me good luck on my upcoming exam and to distract me from the fact that the lining of my throat is trying to cough itself out of my body. The licorice allsort-y goodness did its trick, but now I'm having to concentrate on the fact that i've just consumed the sugar allowance of Latvia and this just can't be good for me.

Ahhh! Review session!


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