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the colours in your head


There's no place like home...

Somewhere, somehow, in the middle of the night, I was trampled by a herd of midgets, with the end result that every bone and tendon in my body is a conduit for throbbing dull pain.

I don't know what happened here.

Whinging aside, I am at long last free of the people from Kansas, which is actually a rather sad proposition. It had been my first contact with people from that most-overlooked of states, minus Michelle from high school, who they actually know. I like them, though, and managed to overcome all the mocking little thoughts in my head about The Wizard of Oz and just... hicks. I'm sorry. Kansans are cool. I'll never think snide thoughts about Middle America again.

And on that incoherent note, I go to answer an email I just discovered in my inbox from 4 months ago. I do dearly suck as a correspondant.


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