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the colours in your head


Mommy Dearest and musings on the Middle Kingdom

So I was thinking about deleting my archives, as I finally get my act semi-together and start this thing anew, but I was flipping back through them (as it takes FORFUCKINEVER to delete them) and I was amused by the things I was up to back in the day. Ahhh... China. How I miss thee. It's kind of interesting, though, because I was supposed to go to Shanghai for an internship (actually, I would have been showing up there tomorrow) but I flaked out at the last minute, or rather, in a way decided to not be a flake, depending on whose point of view you are regarding. My mother was /still is not happy with my idea to change my plans, but in my defense, I would have to say that the prospect of actually staying fixed in one location and screwing my head on tight in some way was vastly appealing. I've been moving around since I was tiny, and since for once I am doing something for myself and trying to get my act together, I think I could benefit from some stability, no matter what she says about this having been the most horrible year... ever. I am proud of how far I've come this year, and she should be as well. I've done a lot of things by myself, and I don't really see how my doing this has been a terrible burden on her. Ah well. Mothers. They're great, but... ugh, sometimes.

deep thoughts, neh?


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